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Our purpose at Gateway Employment Inc. is finding opportunities for people with disabilities to become competively employed in their communities. We believe that no matter what disability a person may have, they can find employment with the right services and support. Unlike other providers, Gateway’s sole function is to secure jobs for our participants and we put all of our energy and resources towards this goal. This targeted focus is what has allowed Gateway to become one of the most successful employment agencies in our area. After being in business for over 27 years, we have seen thousands of lives changed by the opportunities that come from being competively employed.


Our Mission

The mission of Gateway Employment Resources is to provide the highest quality comprehensive services in placement, training, performance monitoring, and ongoing support, which will enable people with disabilities to secure competitive employment, as well as educate the community, business and industry regarding the potential of individuals with disabilities.

Success Stories

success85x120At Gateway Employment, we strive to help people with disabilities secure jobs that fufill them and also contribute to the world around them.



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Persons with Disabilities

disability85x120Our number one priority is to assist people with disablilities to find gainful employment helping them gain greater independence and live a more enriched, inclusive,  and full life.


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employers85x120Persons with disabilities are often a great asset to the company that hires them and some of the most loyal and hardest working employees.



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